Golden Visa in Dubai & the UAE

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The Golden Visa, which was established in 2019, allows expats to apply for long-term resident permits. The UAE government’s goal was to recruit international investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified managers, and other skills to help the Emirates expand further.

Criteria for the UAE Golden Visa




Outstanding Special Talents

1. Preliminary Due Diligence

Our specialists will review your case and do preliminary due diligence to discover any potential concerns with your visa. We will help you with selecting and acquiring property or making investments to fulfill the visa eligibility standards.

2. Applying For Your Visa

You will be allocated a personal manager who will compile the essential papers, fill out forms, mail the application on your behalf, support you during the medical checkup, and communicate with the authorities.

3. Receiving Your Golden Visa

You now possess the UAE Golden Visa. Receive your electronic visa and Emirates ID card so you can take advantage of all the privileges and possibilities that come with your new status.

How to apply for a UAE Golden Visa?

Follow these steps with us to get your UAE Golden Visa fast and hassle-free.

UAE Golden Visa Document Requirements

Benefits of UAE Golden Visa

Your vision for a stable economy, excellent living standards, and a safe business environment. Let’s see what you can gain.

Long-term Residency

The UAE Golden Visa grants you and your family a 10-year extension of stay, providing you with stability.

No Need For Frequent entry

Golden Visa holders do not need regular travel into the UAE to retain residency, allowing you more freedom and flexibility.


You may sponsor your family members so that you can stay together and spend time together.

Access To Quality Healthcare

Access to the UAE’s world-class healthcare system is provided, assuring the highest quality medical services and facilities.


Get access to outstanding educational facilities to ensure your children receive a high-quality education.


Enjoy the tax breaks, which include exemptions from personal income, inheritance, and capital gains taxes.

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Golden Visa in UAE – Frequently Asked Questions

The UAE’s ‘Golden visa’ is a long-term resident visa that allows foreign talent to live, work, or study in the UAE while receiving special perks such as an entry visa valid for six months with repeated entries to proceed with residence issuance. A long-term, renewable residence visa that is good for 5 or 10 years.

Applications for UAE residence must contain completed application forms, as well as the required fees and supporting documentation. Once the initial due diligence checks are completed and the retainer is paid, the application for UAE residency can be submitted to the government.

The UAE Golden Visa initiative provides long-term residency to a variety of groups, including investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and outstanding students. The promise of stability and access to a strong economy is at the heart of its appeal.

The processing time for the residence application takes over eight weeks.