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A Silver Visa is a type of residency visa provided by the UAE to people who wish to live and work there. It permits you to stay in the UAE for a maximum of 5 years. The Dubai Silver Visa is an excellent way to get residency in the United Arab Emirates. It is not for everyone.

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UAE Silver Visa Document Requirements

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Silver Visa in UAE – Frequently Asked Questions

The silver visa UAE is a long-term residence permit that permits talented individuals and investors to stay in the region for up to five years. With a silver residence permit in UAE, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of being a legal resident in the area.

Applications for UAE residence must contain completed application forms, as well as the required fees and supporting documentation. Once the initial due diligence checks are completed and the retainer is paid, the application for UAE residency can be submitted to the government.

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If you are a foreign national and wish to live in Dubai, a UAE silver visa is an excellent choice. It permits you to stay in the UAE for a maximum of five years before seeking for permanent residency.

The silver visa allows you to work and study in the UAE without a sponsor. This visa is very useful for those who need to stay in the nation for an extended amount of time but do not have enough money to qualify for a full-fledged resident visa.

The visa comes with numerous advantages, including lower rental rates and discounts on services such as health insurance and banking. It also provides a six-month grace period following the expiration of your resident visa.

Obtaining a UAE Silver visa process takes approximately two weeks to complete.