Trademark Registration in Dubai & the UAE

Protect your trademark from replication and counterfeiting. The Trademark Registration specialist can help you get your brand’s trademark registered in the UAE.

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Why Trademark Registration is Important in the UAE?

Trademark registration is crucial in the UAE’s competitive business scene, safeguarding your brand identity from counterfeiters who tarnish your reputation and erode earnings. Dubai trademark registration protects your firm, affirming ownership of products and services.

1 - Trademark Search

The initial crucial step in trademark registration is ensuring your desired assets aren’t already in use

5 - Publishing in Local Newspapers

If approved, trademark published in 2 local Arabic papers within 30 days of acceptance

2 - Trademark Application Filing

In the UAE, the Ministry of Economy handles trademark applications, needing design, license, passport, or Emirates ID.

6 - Opposition Period

After publication in the official gazette, there’s a 30-day window for legal disputes.

3 - Application Examination

After submission, the registrar will carefully review your trademark application to ensure compliance with UAE regulations.

7 - Final Registration Fees

If no challenges within 30 days, proceed to final registration payment stage.

4 - Issuing Acceptance or Rejection

After review, registrar issues acceptance or denial based on compliance with standards

8 - Getting The Trademark Registration Certificate

After completing outlined processes, get UAE Trademark Registration Certificate, valid for 10 years.

How to apply for a Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE?

Follow these steps with us to get your Trademark Registration fast and hassle-free.

Why Choose SMC for Trademark Registration Services?

Soham is one of the top business setup consulting organisations in the UAE. Our staff of highly experienced trademark advisors can guide you through the whole trademark registration procedure in Dubai and the UAE.

This includes:

Filing Application

Filing an application for both trademark registration with UAE customs and trademark protection with the UAE Ministry of Economy.

Ease of process

Easily find useful trademark classes based on the type of company.


We assist you in registering product(s) with municipal organisations in Dubai/UAE and filing proceedings against counterfeit items.

Documents Needed

The exact procedure for setting up a new business in the middle east can seem complex, but by following a simple step-by-step process with the right support, it is more straightforward than you might think.

1. Trademark Registration Application Form

Begin your trip by filling out the formal Trademark Registration Application form and obtaining necessary papers such as a trade licence, a valid power of attorney, and a list of goods and services to protect.

2. Sample of Trademark Design

A clear sample of your original trademark design, including brand name representation, is required for the registration procedure.

3. Financial Commitment

To move forward with your trademark registration, you must first verify the official fee payment and provide the applicant’s contact information as well as a copy of the authorised signatory’s ID or passport.

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We are happy to provide insights into the process, eligibility criteria, and required documents, ensuring a clear understanding before proceeding with trademark registration.

Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE – Frequently Asked Questions

The simplest method to register for trademark registration in Dubai is to contact a reputable and knowledgeable company setup expert in the UAE. Attempting to complete the procedure yourself might be time-consuming and divert your attention away from operating your business. Skilled and experienced business establishments will often offer trademark consultation and registration services.

Registration of a trademark or copyright item in the UAE is totally optional. However, when using trademark or copyright objects on the market to identify goods/services sold to customers, registration of a trademark (or copyright) is required to avoid penalties for cheating and deception of UAE consumers, according to the UAE Executive Regulation to the Consumer Protection Law.

The cost of trademark registration in Dubai in the UAE is AED 8,700. You will also have to spend an extra AED 1,000 to publish the trademark in the official gazette. Other charges you may pay include translation and legal fees, as well as the cost of publishing the trademark in two local publications. Trademark registration specialists in Dubai will charge an all-inclusive fee for turnkey support.

To register, you will have to produce

  • Trademark registration application.
  • An example of your trademark design or brand name
  • Official fee payment confirmation.
  • Power of Attorney
  • Your trade licence
  • Applicants’ ID or passport
  • Applicants’ contact information
  • List of products and services to be protected

Trademarks can include names, logos, words, slogans, pictures, letters, figures, hallmarks, colours, software, applications, websites, or a combination of these. In reality, any mark or combination of marks that is used or intended to be used to distinguish goods, products, or services from any other source, or to indicate that certain services, commodities, or products belong to a specific owner, can be registered as trademarks in Dubai.