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The Dubai Mainland business setup is the first step towards long-term business success. We assist you make your business concept a reality.

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Why Setting Up Your Company in Dubai Mainland

Benefits of Setting Up Your Company in Dubai Mainland


The freedom to conduct business anywhere. UAE enterprises can operate nationally, in free zones, and internationally.


DED Mainland License enables UAE-wide corporation setup, bolstering presence and offering flexibility for branch expansions.


Mainland License enables gov’t contracts: bid on high-risk, high-return projects for multi-million projects

No Currency

Dubai Mainland License: no currency limits, full repatriation of funds from UAE offshore/onshore accounts.

No Visa

No visa quota limits for UAE mainland businesses. Scaling easier, may require additional space.


Dubai Mainland License offers same tax benefits as Free Zone License. No minimum capital requirement

1. Sole Proprietorship

Solely owned by one. 100% stockholders make owner accountable for operations, gains, liabilities

2. Civil Company

Medical, legal, engineering, consulting services. Dubai civil business welcomes international partnerships

3. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

1-50 partners: limited liability, profit-sharing, private ownership, profit repatriation, global tax treaty protection.

4. Representative Office

Function limited: Foreign branch handles UAE issues, for promo/marketing. No operational role, needs local agent

5. Branch of a Foreign Company

Establish Dubai branch as foreign company’s local HQ, following Dubai and UAE rules. Parent company fully owns branch.

Business Legal Structures for Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

Aligning your company structure with goals is vital. Dubai mainland firms enjoy legal entity options for tailored solutions.

Guide to Establishing Your Business with Dubai Mainland License: Key Steps

1. Choose Your Business Activity and Structure

Choose a business activity category among 1,500+ options. Dubai Local Authority governs all economic activities in Dubai

2. Register Your Company’s Name with Dubai Local Authority

Choose a distinct name, ensure it’s not taken in Dubai. After approval, register with DED. Process usually takes 3 days.

3. Apply for Mainland Trade License

Once your firm name is registered, apply for mainland trading license. DED regulates and approves economic activities, requires specific documents for license application

4. Get an Office Space or Coworking Space

In UAE, customize office spaces through third-party firms. After Dubai Local Authority approval, submit tenancy agreements, RERA paperwork, EJARI; office space not always necessary.

5. Prepare MoA and AoA: Essential Documents for Business Setup

The Memorandum of Association (MoA) is crucial for Dubai company formation, outlining partners’ rights and responsibilities. Construct with care.

6. Pay Fees and Collect the License

After paperwork and approvals, pay fees and obtain your business license for official recognition and legal operation in Dubai mainland.

7. Open Your Business Bank Account

After securing a trading license, open a corporate bank account swiftly with our expert guidance.”

Business Activities Under Dubai Mainland License

Dubai, a prime business hub, offers simplicity and lucrative benefits, attracting global investors and entrepreneurs. Soham Management guides you in selecting optimal business activities from diverse options.

Industrial License

Commercial License

Professional License

Tourism License

Dubai Mainland Business Setup Packages

Commercial Licence

AED 14,500
  • 100% Ownership
  • Professional Trade License
  • Bank Account Assistance
  • Local Service Agent Included (Optional)
  • Visa Quota

Professional license

AED 11,500
  • 100% Ownership
  • Professional Trade License
  • Bank Account Assistance
  • Local service Agent Included
  • 3 Visa Quota

Tourism License

AED 8,500
  • 100% Ownership
  • Professional Trade License
  • Bank Account Assistance
  • Local service Agent Included
  • 3 Visa Quota

Industrial License

AED 8,500
  • 100% Ownership
  • Professional Trade License
  • Bank Account Assistance
  • Local service Agent Included
  • 3 Visa Quota

Why SMC for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai?

Soham Management Consultancy LLC is a reputable consultancy firm in Dubai. We concentrate on free zones and mainland business establishments in Dubai. Our professionals also provide financial and legal support. We manage everything, from registering your firm on the Dubai mainland to assisting it in expanding. Soham Management ensures that your business succeeds, giving you peace of mind

Wide-Ranging Expertise

We specialize in aiding businesses of all sizes with startup, legal, and financial needs. Our tailored solutions meet your specific requirements.

Full-Scope Support

We support every aspect of Dubai mainland company formation, from establishment to financial compliance. Our guidance ensures your success.

Your Vision Matters

We value your goals. We collaborate with you to develop top-tier solutions for mainland business formation in Dubai that will propel your development.

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UAE Mainland Company Formation – Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign investors hoping for mainland business establishment in Dubai must have a local sponsor. The sponsor must possess a minimum of 51% of the company.

Yes, you can now completely own your company for specific business operations. You do not require an Emirati partner to have the majority of the ownership. However, some programmes still require a local sponsor.

Businesses on Dubai’s mainland are not subject to visa restrictions. They can obtain visas depending on their workplace space. This allows businesses in Dubai to expand and hire a diversified workforce.

No, you cannot establish a mainland business in Dubai without a physical office. Mainland enterprises must have a physical office space of at least 200 square feet. These are the regulatory requirements.