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A thriving firm is the result of the efforts of many hands, each of whom is an expert in their field, and one of whom provides the best PRO services in Dubai.

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The UAE is ranked first for being one of the safest countries in the world. The business-friendly environment, stable administration, increasing economy, and connection with 180 countries make it a top choice for investors looking to settle and establish a second home. To run a successful business and save administrative costs, approaching the top PRO Services agent in UAE is the solution.

PRO Services Across In The UAE


Doc processing in Economic Dev, Immigration, Labour, & gov ministries

Company Immigration

Processing Company Immigration Card and Labour Card

Employment Visa

Processing new employment visa & renewal for UAE employees


Attesting MOA, Service Agent Agreement & legal docs by notary

Intellectual property

Intellectual property reg. for patent, copyright, trademark

Government Approvals

Applying for gov permissions & receiving NOCs from ministries

Documents Translation

Accurate translation of legal documents into Arabic


Applying for and renewing an industrial or commercial licence

Why Choose Soham for PRO Services in the UAE?

Our experienced team is well-versed and has extensive knowledge of Dubai’s government norms and regulations. Our unwavering commitment enables us to give our clients with excellent corporate PRO Services in Dubai for obtaining licences and registering new business ventures.

Optimize Efficiency

Our PRO services provide all receipts and copies of government charges and other expenses with supporting bills, which makes them trustworthy

Cost Savings

Our PRO services provide a beneficial alternative for lowering costs associated with document processing and clearing in Dubai, resulting in significant savings for your company


We assist you in registering product(s) with municipal organisations in Dubai/UAE and filing proceedings against counterfeit items.

For efficient processing of your documents and attestations, use PRO services from a reputable service provider. Find out how corporate PRO services may help your organisation run smoothly and efficiently.

Requirement of PRO Services In Dubai For Business Investors


Foreign employees in the UAE must hold valid residency visas and work permits


We divert attention away from complex legal processes linked with business core operations


PRO services help your company avoid late fees and cut processing and clearance costs

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Business Registration in Dubai – Frequently Asked Questions

Business setup in Dubai entails various stages and paperwork submissions. PRO services in Dubai include all of the tasks related to processing governmental and legal documents and paperwork. This comprises visa applications, labour cards, papers for corporation trade licencing, opening a corporate bank account, attestation, translation, and approvals.

A Corporate PRO (Public Relations Officer/Company) in Dubai serves as a bridge between you and the government. They will ensure that all compliance-related tasks, such as renewing trade licences and licences, as well as all new employees joining your organisation, are in accordance with Dubai Government regulations and employment laws. They work closely with human resources workers and are fully responsible for all labour legislation and immigration issues.

While the UAE, particularly Dubai, welcomes investors, establishing a business in Dubai still involves necessary documents and approvals from several government authorities. This can be a burden, especially for foreign investors, because it requires Arabic translations and expertise with UAE processes. Our seasoned PRO team is familiar with UAE paperwork and government departments. They can assist you set up your business in Dubai with ease.

Yes, it is. It is worthwhile to outsource your PRO services, especially if you are a foreign investor, new to Dubai, or lack the necessary company setup experience and regional understanding for doing business in Dubai.

The primary advantage of engaging a consultancy for PRO services is that you will save time and focus on running your business. Furthermore, skilled PRO consultants will guarantee that you comply with all legal requirements for setting up a business in Dubai.